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Whether you're just starting, growing to the next level, cashing out, dealing with Covid-19 challenges, or transitioning to retirement we can help you determine your options and answer your estate planning, business, and real estate questions.

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Law Offices of Janet L. Eveland, Chartered

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​[Jan's] keen insights, intelligence, and calm in the eye of the storm have been invaluable to me. She is relentless in her efforts to gather all necessary information to address a problem. She examines and analyzes that information in detail and as a result, provides solid and sound counsel regarding the problem.

Physician, Business Owner, and Client

  • Do you have new business opportunities that you want to take advantage of but you're not sure how?

  • Have you thought about what would happen if you weren't there to run your business?  Is now the time for a quick will?

  • Is it hard for you to focus on problem-solving for your business?

  • Is now the time to focus on succession planning, on getting your affairs in order?

With over 30 years experience we can help you chart your way forward and prepare for your future.