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Business Lawyer, and

Community and Economic Development Non-Profit Consultant 

We use our creativity, management skills, experience, and analytical abilities to build sustainable pathways to success for community and economic development non-profits.  Working with diverse stakeholders and participants in a team approach Ms. Eveland has helped to create, grow, and  diversify vibrant organizations.  Using a full array of strategies, from ground level community outreach, social media, and public-private partnerships to legislative initiatives, we can develop strategies to grow your capacity.


We help our clients achieve success.

We help position businesses, professionals, and entrepreneurs for success. With over 30 years experience in business law, commercial real estate, construction, transactions, development, contracts, corporate law, and litigation we know what it takes to guide your business through challenges and change.  Whether just starting, growing to the next level, consolidating divisions, cashing out, or transitioning to retirement we can help you determine your options and answer your estate planning, business, and real estate questions.

LGBT Friendly